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About Our Organization

Welcome to Newsum Foundation

We are a group of impassioned volunteers, who have seen the plight of women and children in America first hand and have dedicated our lives to helping has many people as possible. With such an overwhelming task ahead of us we are united in our common vision where every women and child across the continental united states is safe, supported to attain a high level of education and is living in a loving home with an engaging and supportive community.

Poverty in America is not a simple matter. We wish it were, but in fact, it is a complex socio-economic problem often resulting for a failing of the systems, which are designed to protect vulnerable people in the first place. We utilised international experts from the development community to ensure our programs are robust and impactful, ensuring we address the long term systemic and endemic causes of poverty, homelessness, gender violence and inequality in the U.S.

Who We Are

We believes every women and child deserves the opportunity to live lives of dignity, health, safety and happiness. Our philosophy is that we are all equal and given the same support and opportunities as those more fortunate, our beneficiary group can transform their own lives. Education, Support and Unite.

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Donate today or sign up to give monthly and help to transform the lives of children and their families who are homeless from around the world. Donations are fundamental and together we will ensure we create a better world than the one we found.

Before COVID-19, 7.3 million children were already out of school. In 2020, the colossal scale of school closures due to the pandemic left millions more children missing fundamental years of education. Newsum Foundation believes that achieving universal basic education across the U.S is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of poverty.
We recognise that the barriers to fundamental services such as education, healthcare and welfare are complex and interlinked. Our projects focus on a combination of education, child and female protection and livelihood support to address the social, economic and structural issues that underpin today’s poverty and homelessness crisis.
Wherever we works, Newsum Foundation collaborate with local community leaders and mentors to take an outcome-led approach to problems locally identified. This flexible programming approach combined with evidence driven learning and the constant refinement and scale-up of programmes, create maximum impact for those most marginalised and vulnerable in our society.

How You
Can Help

Take on a challenge

The best ways to fundraise are always to take on a challenge that inspires you and those around you. You can run your very own cross-country cycle challenges or take place in a marathons to get sponsors signed up to both encourage you and raise money for street children.

Host us or host an event

Join us! We will have many events coming up each year where you can get involved, from market stalls and village fates to movie nights and coffee events. Or you could be even more amazing and host and event yourself to raise money for one of our core programs and help 100s of children in the process.

Fundraise or donate your time

We always are on the look out for active and energetic volunteers and fundraisers; our work is only possible through the generosity of people like you. If you have the time to organise an event you can raise money and we can help you in the process to get the word out there about your great help.

Become a corporate partner

The support and help we receive from our corporate partners is hugely important to us and we are always seeking to form new partnerships to help us to impact more children and improve lives. If you are a Corporate/ business and looking to get involved please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.


Philanthropic support from generous individuals, trusts and foundations is one of the most powerful tools in making a lasting impact and as a new organisation is something we are keen to access, to expand lifesaving support to more children around the world. Please email us with any questions or information and we will get back to you.

Leave a gift in your will

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will be helping to transform the lives of children and their families in some of the world’s toughest places. A Gift in your will means your life will have a greater and longer impact. Please feel free to email us to discuss your specific wishes in more detail.

Get Involved

If you are interested in helping or working with Newsum Foundation in your community, you can volunteer to work in shelters and other programs in your area, or donate funds or supplies to organizations that work with street youth. You can also participate in legislative efforts and write letters to your Congressional Representative, or local councillors, or minister of parliament urging him/her to support increased funding for programs that assist street children. Finally, you can raise awareness of this issue by educating yourself, your peers, colleagues, students, teachers, family members, and others around you interested in this issue. To stay updated on our work and our future plans, why not join out mailing list and get updates each month of our work and how you can make an impact where you live.