What We Do

What We Do

Our organisation helps children, women, families and the whole community to provide opportunity to improve health, education, safety and welfare to develop the skills necessary for self-empowerment, to create poverty reduction on a massive scale. We also focus on vulnerable children and women to provide them the safety and security to escape from situations and lives of domestic and gender based violence. Many women and children feeling domestic violence- end up homeless and dropping out of school. Creating a safe and stable environmental for women and children is a fundamental foundation necessary to ensure children continue their education, women are able to find employment and lives can be repaired not repeated.

Here at Newsum Foundation we have seen first-hand the transformational impact that education can have on children. Through years of work and piloting the evidence is irrefutable, by increasing access to education, we can contribute to reducing poverty, crime and issues contributing to domestic violence and homelessness. By creating the necessary structures to ensure everyone has the opportunity to acquire basic skills such as reading, writing and numeracy, we are able to improve the income level of marginalised communities on a massive scale, revitalising areas and creating opportunities for the next generation, which were never previously dreamt of.

However, families of those children from vulnerable and marginalised background often need extra help in building the confidence and support structures necessary to create a loving and nurturing environment to help children stay in school, and break out from the cycle of poverty that many find themselves born into. To tackle the complex and multi-faceted social issues facing America today, we have developed our four flagship programs.

Any experience with homelessness, be it permanent or even temporary can have profound and significant negative impacts on child’s long-term wellbeing, development, and academic success. Children that have experienced homelessness are more likely to witness violence, go hungry, display behavioural issues, drop out of school, be expelled or suspended, or be victims of abuse both sexually and physically due to the lack of protection they face on the street. Furthermore, youth who experience homelessness are also more vulnerable to developing physical and mental health problems, such as asthma and anxiety, becoming involved in the juvenile justice system, and engaging in high-risk behaviours including drug abuse and unsafe sex. This problematic cycle can force a child into a more and more dire situation and cause a wide range of problems preventing them from living a safe and happy life and perpetuating a cycle of poverty and homelessness. This is a growing trend that we are all increasingly concerned about.

With the help of individual donors, local businesses and service organizations, as well as support from foundations, we will be able to achieve our goal of transforming the lives and communities in which people live so that everyone can benefit from a bright future. With your help, we will also be able to provide the necessary supportive services to protect women and children, to prevent youths and their families from return to a life on the street and empower those less fortunate to lead full, productive and happy lives.

If you are concerned about the issue faced by so many Americans today, please click the donate button below and help us create safety and shelters for children around the world. Every dollar, pound, euro, rupee, yen, won etc. counts – your donation is greatly appreciated.